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Full Loads Direct to Your Customer

We do ship full tractor trailer loads (24 to 26 tons) directly to your customer. Whether itís to a business or neighbors pooling together on a cul-de-sac. Please remember: There need to be enough room to accommodate a full size tractor trailer and your customer will need to have a forklift or other means of unload the trailer on premises.

  • You make the sales! We will take care of the delivery, you do not see or handle the product.
  • We will contact your customer and set up delivery, pick up from any of the three New England Wood Pellet Facilities and deliver direct to your customers.
  • These Are Your Customers: these services are provided through dealers only. KMT is a transportation company, we haul pellets for you. We Do Not Sell Wood Pellets.
  • We charge you, you charge your customer. Our rates our confidential
  • Any customer who contacts us will be forwarded directly to the nearest participating dealer.

To get a rate: Click on rate request page below or if you prefer to call us directly at 888-521-6925. You will need to have the pickup location & delivery address.

Rate Request Page