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Home Delivery Service

We have a small truck with a short trailer and forklift on the back. Our trailer will hold 20 skids. We will provide your customer with the best service possible. We will try to place the skids where the customer request them, please keep in mind we are limited by the size & weight of the forklift.

  • You make the sales! We will take care of the delivery, you do not see or handle the product.
  • We will contact your customer and set up delivery, pick up from New England Wood Pellet-Jaffrey plant and delivery direct to your customers. Sorry, at this time this is only offered for Jaffrey dealers.
  • These Are Your Customers: these services are provided through dealers only. KMT is a transportation company, we haul pellets for you. We Do Not Sell Wood Pellets.
  • We charge you, you charge your customer.
  • Any customer who contacts us will be forwarded directly to the nearest participating dealer.

Rate Calculator is available to dealers only and accessible by ID & password, call or email us today for ID & password.

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