KMT Freight Trucks

  Transportation & Brokerage

  Covering all 48 States
  Specializing in the North East

Company History

Ken & Monique Transport was started in March of 1999 with one truck and a logistic van, we moved Broadway shows around the country. As our fleet grew we added more equipment. As the demand for work changed we added flatbeds and began hauling pellets for a local wood pellet manufacturer and local stove shops in the Northeast.

We soon realized that to be able to better serve our growing customer base we needed to add a brokerage department.

In the fall of 2005 we started KMT Freight Brokerage. We are constantly growing and adding more customers and more services, our fleet of owner operators and motor carriers is also growing to better meet the needs of our customers. We now haul an assortment of freight including but not limited to wood pellets, wood bricks, fencing material, fabricated steel, machinery and equipment including oversize and overweight and general freight.

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